Yesterday I began to form some thoughts about why I am writing on this blog. Today I will continue to define and refine my answer. Apparently I skipped ahead by writing about this topic yesterday. I’ve ocassionally been accused of overacheiving… by occassionally I mean maybe once in a web design class in college. Why did it take 12 years before I did something at school that I enjoyed so much I actually did it to the best of my ability.

So here are some of my thoughts, incomplete and incoherent, they may be.

First, I write because this avenue of creativity is a rich vein of mental gold. The creative process can be enacted through many different tools and mediums. I like to use a lot of them, but I feel especially comfortable with writing. I’ve written a personal blog for 14 years now. This blog will be a little different because it should be topically focused. So, to summarize, I write because I feel like I can do a decent job of this.

Second, I write to inform and teach. I enjoy the feeling of seeing people understand something. There are some topics that I love so much I just have to tell people about them. When I know that I have communicated a new way of doing things, or helped someone solve a problem, it’s completely fulfilling and rewarding. I like to teach in person with technology trainingm and this is the same thing.

Third, I write for recognition and popularity. Yikes, that was not a pretty thing to own. I like seeing traffic numbers spike, I like knowing I showed up in Google search rankings. I like the tiny bit of fame when something I wrote gets referenced by someone I know who is “famous from the internet”. I wish I could pretend that I’m too cool to care about who reads this and how many people will read it, but I feel like it’s important to be honest here.

In conclusion, I write because of self-indulgence, pride, and vanity. It’s all about the words you use to spin it. Welcome to my blog.