This blog will attempt to provide important education and discussion on topics relevant to anyone maintaining a home full of connected devices and connected people. I will approach common problems with solutions, with an eye towards privacy, security, and practicality. Without all the shrill alarmist words that many geeks use when covering those topics.

My other blog is a personal site where I occasionally delve into geeky things. My intention is to focus the geeky things that are generally applicable to people here. I want to inform and educate other people that are wondering what the best solution might be for their various home technology maintenance conundrums. I don't believe I have the only right answers, but I love researching and thinking about the topic of home technology and personal internet policy. I'll explain what I mean in more detail as time allows.

For now I've started this blog so I can develop the ideas and find other people that might care about the same things. It will probably be in flux for a while. I love having projects to mess with. There is a book that I have begun working on, but it's not nearly even a draft yet. I want to keep working on that book and hopefully this blog will give me some motivation and some public note-taking space.

Hera are some topics I'm working on for the near future:
  • Passwords
  • Smartphone Photo Backup and Management
  • Networking and Routers
  • Email Privacy and Costs
  • The True Cost of Free Services
  • Travel
My first blog post to test the waters was about Backups.

As I make progress on the book I will post about it here. Please feel free to jump over to the Leanpub book landing page and sign up to let me know you're interested.

If you are wondering this blog is running on the MiniBlog software and is hosted on Azure.