I am continueing to do the 10 days to a better blog workshop. This means I am continuing to be introspective and talking a lot more about this blog than about the topics I wanted to fill this blog up with. And, that was today’s focus, what are the topics that I intend to write about here?

I spent some time looking through my analytics software, which is a self-hosted version of Piwik. I was looking for which posts popped out as most popular and had the most traffic, what was common amongst my top posts and top traffic days? Did people come to my site looking for specific things on Google?

From looking at those stats, my most popular post appears to be my review of the Amazon Echo. The categories that people click on the most in the side bar are hardware and software. This makes sense because those are the top two items usually because that list is sorted by post count. My second most popular post is about electricity solutions.

I think this means that people are interested in hardware recommendations. My in-depth post about group collaboration software was quite a bit less popular. That’s interesting, because I thought software reviews and recommendations would be something I would feature above other things. Software solutions is something I’m really good at. I like hardware, and writing that Echo review was fun and satisfying. I focused and got the post out the same night I received mine, and it was quite long and enjoyable.

Of course I love websites like Tools and Toys which focus on hardware above other things, but I don’t have the budget to review as many gadgets as I would like. My passion for simple and practical solutions will probably trump the obvious intereste in hardware reviews that drives to popularity of sites like The Verge and Gizmodo.

I don’t think there’s anything in particular I want to prune from my categories on this site yet. I think it’s going to be a very personal evolution of content and focus as time goes on. I don’t want to present a perfectly polished façade here. I know I can’t live up to the pressur and expectations that people have of pro bloggers. That’s one of my fears, that this site would appear phony and sterile. I want it to have my personal touch, I want it to be obvious that a real human crafted this site and the words in it. My other fear is of not being taken seriously and not being relevant to an audience at all, so there is some tension in between those two desires for me.

This exercise did challenge me to look at my site with a critical editor’s eye. I don’t think a quick link to another site that has posted something interesting (commonly called a linkblog) will be common around here. I want to focus on writing content, with an eye toward publishing a more traditional book at some point. Let me know on twitter @sirtimbly, or drop a comment here if you have any thoughts about what posts you would enjoy more of.