My wife is nine months pregnant and quite uncomfortable. There are some things that prevent her from moving around much. So, we have all been stretched beyond our usual reserves of energy. So, for meals the past two days we have ordered food in.

My favorite experiences was with the Panera Bread app. It wasn’t the fastest in performance, but it was a great user experience. I tapped through a very intuitive menu system. (I have given up on restaurant websites that make you scroll around a big PDF of their menu.) I had the option to associate this order with a rewards card. And I got exactly what I wanted for sides and setting detailed options on the order. Then when I knew we were about to leave and would be driving by soon I clicked “order”. Then I had my next nice surprise, I could pay with ApplePay and my thumb-print from right within the app. No need to enter my credit card info. I arrived at the store 10 minutes later and my meal was waiting for me on a shelf, in a bag with my name on it.

This experience was both simple and powerful. I felt so happy to just get the food I wanted without waiting in line or having to unload my family for a trip into the store.

The other app I used recently for aquiring my vittles was the Domino’s Pizza app. They are just around the corner from us and I can walk there to pick up, so again I don’t use any delivery. I just fired up the app, logged in with an account I created on their website a couple years ago, and ordered a pizza using a coupon right in the app. I did have to use stored credit card details, and I did have to sign a receipt when I arrived, but it was simple and clear user experience. I like my pizza acquisition to feel like a vending machine transaction, like they do at Little Caesars.

For my future research, If I am so exhausted I need delivery I would try out one of the two new apps I’ve heard about Foodler or GrubHub. These apps collect menus from many local restaurants and tie them to 3rd party delivery services, so you can order food from restaurants that maybe don’t normally deliver, or that have agreements with these food delivery services.